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We Believe in the Power of Community 

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Community is at the core of everything , You know that feeling you get when you walk into a place and you feel like you belong there, the one that inspires you to be the best part of your natural self  - your safe space to be great? We do too and we believe that feeling should be embedded into the grain of every community you are apart of  be it work , school, organizations you may participate in, or even in the dynamics of your local neighborhood.

Inspired by the often overlooked intersections of Industrial Organizational Psychology, Community Psychology, Human Psychology and Business Management, CEO & Founder,  S. Hilson-Travis, established H-Trav Consulting  in 2018 with one goal in mind - to build a better tomorrow by Empowering humanity to build healthy world communities.

 Healthy communities are successful Communities which increase their capacity for unlimited growth, while  promoting social wellbeing.  Our stance is simple -  the key to healthy communities lie within healthy and empowered community members  whom have supportive and liberating foundations.  This expands beyond Diversity and Inclusion and incorporates the basic foundations of human needs, human motivation and fulfillment of purpose.  So, whether you are a CEO looking to change an established corporate culture,  A new business seeking to healthily build a successful framework, a Non Profit Organization in need of strategies to better serve your population,  a school in need of restorative justice  methods, or an individual with a dream , we can help and we are here for it all.  


"There is no Greater Power than that of    Community"  
                S.Hilson, M.S, M.A, Ph.D

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